Quick and Healthy Recipes for Working Women

Whether you're a busy working professional who needs to carry her lunch to work, or a mum who has to think of new recipes for her child's lunch every day, or needs to make tasty and nutritious snacks for the kids and the kids-at-heart at home, there are times when we either don't have the time to make something tasty or have used up all the recipes we knew. Most people still believe that healthy food cannot be tasty, and even if it is, it sure is time-consuming.

Throw that notion out of the window because here are eight nutritious and easy Singapore recipes that can be made in ten minutes.

Veg Frittatas: For a high protein lunch, there's nothing quite like veggie frittatas. All you have to do is beat eight eggs with one cup each of chopped onions, peppers and mushrooms and cook the mixture in olive oil. When the egg is almost done, just fold the frittata in half and your meal is ready.

Club Sandwich: Easy, quick and delicious, club sandwiches have been a lunch-time favourite for a long time. For this classic double deck sandwich, fry chicken and bacon with unsalted butter. Spread mayonnaise over a slice of toast and put the chicken and the lettuce. Spread mayonnaise on another toast and put it over this. Place the bacon and the tomato slices on top and cover with another mayonnaise-d slice of toast. Pin with toothpicks or skewers and cut in half if preferred.

Bean burrito: A filling and nutritious dish, a bean burrito is made by spreading two cups of canned beans and shredded cheese on a tortilla wrap and heating it for thirty seconds. Add the salsa sauce just before wrapping it.

10-minute tortellini: This super quick and easy dish of pasta is sure to be a hit with kids once you try it at home. Just boil the pasta for two minutes and then heat the oil in a pan and sizzle the tomatoes. Drain the cooked pasta, put the tomatoes back on a high heat, and add the pasta, parsley, a splash of cooking water and most of the grated cheese. When it begins to bubble, season with black pepper and salt and garnish with the remaining cheese.

Taco salad: Take a cup each of five different green vegetables like lettuce, cabbage or spinach in a bowl and add three cups of low fat chili paste, two cups of shredded cheese and some cooked minced beef. Make sure the chili paste is hot so the cheese melts.

Chicken wrap: This flavorful dish of lettuce, bacon and chicken cubes and mayonnaise in a whole-wheat wrap is easy to carry and makes for a wholesome lunch.

Chicken Caesar salad: Add chopped lettuce, one cup of shredded cheese and three-quarter cup of fat-free Caesar dressing in a mixing bowl and top it off with a few pieces of boiled chicken breast to make this delicious and filling salad.

Fried shrimps: Fry some garlic and a cup of large shrimps on low heat until brown. Sprinkle some lemon juice and serve.

Armed with these amazingly quick and easy recipes Singapore women should never have to sacrifice health or time in order to make simple and tasty food. Try these today and make everyone a fan of your recipes!

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