How to make fried chicken wings with bread crumbs

There are quite a lot of dishes served at the tops restaurants and bars in Singapore that will mesmerize your senses and provide you with a soothing feel for long. The very thought about the splendid aroma of the dish, the texture, the way it was served at the table, and the scrumptiousness will all stay fresh in your memories for long. The fried chicken wings with bread crumbs served at the Chinese, especially Cantonese style restaurants in Singapore is one such delicacy.  This is a dish that is available at a major starter dish at the restaurants and also at plenty of snack bars in the country. After returning back to your home, you would definitely want to prepare this dish at home if you had tried it out at least once during your Singapore trip.

The delicacy is quite easy to prepare even if you are not quite sure about your culinary skills. You should take onion powder, basil, paprika, garlic paste, and salt in a bowl and mix it with bread crumbs. You should then take another bowl and whisk eggs along with water. Do this for two minutes and dip the chicken wings in it. Now take the chicken wings and mix the ingredients in the other bowl on the surface of it. Now heat the oil in a pan, over medium flame. Once the oil is heated up add a pinch of bread crumbs to make sure that the oil is well heated. Now fry the chicken wings in the oil until it turns brown.

You can also prepare this dish without the use of too much of oil. Once you marinade the chicken wings well, you can fry it in the oven. This is a time saving process and will make the chicken wings a healthier dish. When you cook the wings in the oven, you will be able to keep it free of oil but the taste would be quite different from the other version. You can make the chicken wings delicacy yummy by applying a coat of parmesan cheese before getting it fried. This will make the dish succulent and a great evening snack.

When you visit the sports bars in Singapore with your friends, you will love the chicken wings with bread crumbs delicacy along with a glass of beer. You can try out the chicken wings with cheese delicacy when you visit the best bars in Singapore along with a bunch of friends. The dish will make the friendly conversations with your dear ones memorable. You will love it when you take a bite of it while sipping premium scotch whiskies at the bars. The stunning combination of chicken, cheese, and whisky will stay fresh in your memories for long and will gift you with some real happy moments.

You can order crispy fried chicken wings with bread crumbs even at the wayside restaurants that are open round-the-clock. You will love a hot plate of the dish served along with your hot beverage when you set out to enjoy the awesome nightlife in Singapore. The lounge bars and pubs also serve the dish in its best form. 

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